How come everyones find a boyfriend?

i broke up with my ex around 4 months ago. heaps of many people have find partners right after breaking up... how come i'm still single? it's not like i haven't been out clubbing etc etc.

will i ever find someone else?


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  • Yes i'm sure you'll have at least 10 more boyfriends in the future. I've never even had one girlfriend though, so don't freak out.


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  • Welcome to our world. 😥
    When I was your age I could not get a date, or even find a girl who would talk to me because I looked good, was educated and had a good job in the media. The girls wanted only the bad boys. You are unlikely to meet good-quality young men while clubbing. If you want players and/or bad boys, then go clubbing. If you want boyfriend/husband material try church groups and introduction agencies.


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  • It's been 4 months. Calm down. Also, I doubt that you'll find a nice boyfriend at a club.

    • funny that my ex i met him at a club ahhah