How to hook my mom up with a genuinely sweet guy?

I really want my mom to meet a good guy she always ends up with douchebags and I really want her to meet a great guy. She's kind of lost her way with guys and doesn't care too much about them anymore but everyone needs love. I tried to put her on eharmony but it sucked esp. because she's too busy to check it and she is horrible with computers. How can I get her to go out on more dates? How do I get her with a good guy?


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  • First find out everything she likes to do for fun, and make sure you know what kind of guy she wants. Take her out shopping every-now-and-then and comment about a guy, and see if she's interested. I've heard of speed-dating but I'm not sure if that's her thing or not, it's up to you. By the sounds of it you really want your' mom to find love and happiness, so do everything you can to put the word out to nice guys. Take the liberty of telling nice, single guys about her. Convince her the a nice guy will do her some good and make sure she is okay with it. Sometimes these things have to just happen on there own, but it doesn't hurt to give them a soft nudge in the right direction =DD I hope I helped <33

    • Thanks so much and it is true about the nudging but in her case it's like a full on karate kick into the right direction because she keeps dating jerks. She'll think they're nice until they show their true colors and she's like I should've trusted you. How do I approach a guy and ask him out for my mom? Also, where do I go to get info on that speed dating thing?

    • Google the speed dating and see if there is any in your' area. Also start a conversation with a guy you think might be good for your' mom and tell him you want him to meet her. It might be difficult but it'll be worth it in the end to see your' mother truly happy. =]

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  • I want to hook my mom up with a good genuine guy


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  • Does she know and agree that you doing this?
    YOu ask 2 questions,
    How do you get her out on more dates,. well if she is not ready it will show and a sweet guy could be lost , we don't get a second chance to make a first impression, I know its cliche,. but its true.

    How do you find a sweet guy, well get in line with millions of other girls , Your mom has to do it on her own, you can arrange the meeting and find out as much as you can , but she is the only one that needs to like him and you should let her find the sweetness in the guy , not that you can't give your opinion, you can only help a little bit , your mom needs to do the rest.


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