How to choose between this two?

We will call them as 'Y' and 'P'.

Y is a flirt but he is really nice at heart and he treat me as his one and only best friend and care for me a lot but i love him madly and he knows it but as he want to join Buddhism[he will won't marry anyone] in future he said "i can't be with you i like you but i am not the right one."

P is a nice guy and he as a crush on me from past 3 years he never flirts with any girl and he just talk to me whole day[i attend his call if i am free] and he knows that i am not into him but he still wants to be my friend and he is nice even actually perfect.

P treats me like i am the one and i too treats Y as same but Y ignores it and i ignore P efforts.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • after reading this, u should at least try to see it goes. if its not working then it wasn't meant to be. if I were you I would go out with P for a month. after that its up to you if u still want to be with him or not

    • I agree with this. Don't waste your time with Y and give P a chance. He's liked you for 3 years so he'll treat you right.

    • Thanks guys

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What Guys Said 2

  • Well, Y's made his mind up.
    You're not into P but I'd give him a chance, but it depends on why you're not into him.
    Otherwise, leave both of them.
    *voted for P*

    • i am not into him because i love 'Y'

    • Oh. Well, then see if you can convince Y to be with you :)
      I mean, of course, without actually forcing him to. Basically, melt his heart with a bit of fire, but don't burn it.
      *tries to switch my vote to Y*

      But once he's absolutely made up his mind, give the P a chance :P

  • P is the nice guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • First guy has made it very clear he isn't going to be with you and you aren't interested in the second, so forget them both and find someone you like and who likes you.

    • i started to like the second one but i can't understand is it love or infatuation what should i do

    • Well it won't be love I doubt, you've only just decided to like him because the other guy said no. But how do I know, I can't feel what's in your heart.

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