Did I ruin the date or am I overreacting?

I went on a really nice date on Saturday. We went out for coffee and ended up just walking and talking for hours. I had a really good time and he seemed interested like he spoke about taking me to the beach and watching his favourite movie that I haven't seen yet. But when he drove me home it was slightly awkward. And he parked outside my house to drop me off I felt like he wanted a kiss but he never moved forward or anything so I didn't initiate anything. He has been texting me but there is no solid plans to meet up again. I'm not sure if I blew it by not kissing him?


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  • No way! First dates are always awkward, especially when it's time to say goodbye. Each person is always wondering "do i kiss them?" "do i hug them?" If he's been texting you, he's still interested. He may just be busy with other stuff, and he doesn't know when will be a good time to go on another date. Don't sweat it. Who knows, maybe he is worrying over whether he should have kissed you? :)


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  • Relax! Please don't place too much focus on the first date. Its created by the media. Every single day in the coming future is important. The future of your relationship is completely in your hands. If he's truly a mature person, he won't think on those lines.

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