Is he just avoiding the question?

Hi there guys. I've been seeing this guy for about 8-9 months now. When we started seeing each other, we knew that we both didn't want a relationship because he was not ready for one, while I was still getting over a past relationship. But we both had friends with benefits situation and eventually, over time, we became very close friends.

A month or two back, his behaviour changed for the better, in that, he called me everyday, messaged me everyday and whenever we did, we would talk about what we expected from relationships and also we talked about the future and just got to know each other on a personal level. Later on, I found out that he wanted to ask me to be his girlfriend but I was not supposed to know and to this day, he does not know that i know of his intentions.

He was supposed to do it a week ago, at a picnic we organised but he didnt. I found out from his best friend that he thinks that I still didn't want the relationship and that I didn't want us to be anything more than just how we are. We both accepted that our situation now is different to how it was in the beginning and we admitted that we have feelings for each other.

Last night, I hinted to him that I was going to ask him out the following week. He pretended he didn't know what I was talking about for two hours before he gave in and said, I know what you're gonna do.. it's about you and me and a relationship. When that happened, he asked me weird scenario questions like:

'What would happen if I said I wanted us to be how we are, what would you say?'
'What would happen if I wanted to be just friends, what would you say?'
'What would happen if I said I wanted to be in a relationship with you, what would you say?'
'Why do you want me to be your boyfriend?'
'What makes me different to every guy you've met?'
'You know how cute you sound when you're nervous?'

Somebody, please.. what is he thinking?


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  • You are seriously getting into some deep trouble lol. Well, isn't it pretty obvious?

    I think its just his way of handling the awkwardness of a proposal. Some people dream about it for months/years, but still when the time comes for actually accepting a person, they get all nervous.

    But his last question, that you sound cute gives it all away. He must be having a very dry sense of humor that's all. U better get used to it :D


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  • He really DOES want a relationship with you! :)


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