Guys, would you go on a date with a girl if you didn't have her number?

I have been talking to a girl online and we setup a date, but she never gave me her number. She asked for mine, but I noticed she didn't even check my last message that gave it to her. Usually I use the girls number to text her where I am and see if she's inside already. Now am I going to look stupid waiting around for her and have her not show? I don't want to be stood up.

Well a couple hours before we were supposed to meet she messaged me on the dating site and said she didn't want to go. at least she didn't wait until I went down there. It's ridiculous if you ask me, she lived down the street from the place.


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  • No you don't. Especially don't travel anywhere to date her unless you have her number. You can get stood up. If she makes up some bullshit like she's "afraid" you're a creep just tell her it's nonsensical to keep messaging someone if she thinks they are a creep. Never have high hopes on girls online. They're flakey as hell. I got many stories of both meeting and things that never made a meet. I'll share ya some overall ideas to give you hints of how to minimize the extraordinarily large amount of bullshit girls pull online.

    Limit each girl that replies to a 5 message max and if she don't give her number just stop replying.
    Keep it short and simple until you've met in person.
    If she complains it's too quick, stop replying. She's a waste of time.
    No dinner dates until you've met for something simple like coffee! you avoid gold diggers this way.
    Do not message girls who don't have full photos of themselves. Face only = fatty.

    Keep pushing for a meet in public. Nothing private or it's considered a hookup. This allows you to meet the girls with confidence and skip over the scared little girls who are actually just hooked on the narcissistic habit of getting flirty messages to boost their ego.

    When you keep messaging a girl online you don't get a real impression of them. This is where a lot of girls go wrong with online dating. They "get to know each other" in texts and emails and get the wrong impression of the guy they're talking to. Then they meet up and they find out they are totally different when talking to each other. It's much better to skip all that bullshit and just meet face to face. But online dating is full of socially phobic kids who are just too scared to meet. Then they read all these extreme cases of sexual freaks aggressively hitting on them on the first date and get freaked out even more. All they gotta do is block the pervs and just meet the non-pervy guys and they're fine though basically.


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  • No I wouldn't. If she didn't even have enough faith in me to give me her number before a date, then I'm better off not dating her at all.

    • We agreed to meetup, but I would have figured she would have given me her number in change for mine. It's not until this evening, but I'm not in the mood to ruin my Sunday if I'm going to get stoodup. We just setup the date yesterday, but you would think she could check her messages to see what my number was by now and text hers to me.

    • Yeah, I agree. If you don't receive any communication from her until the time of the date, then don't go. It means she will likely not arrive for the date at all.

  • Yes. I've met girls on Tinder and set the whole first date up through there as well - we only exchanged numbers at the end of the date. I understand your fear about not being sure where she is or who got there first, but it hasn't been a problem.