Why didn't he kiss me?

This guy and I have been hanging out a lot and we are always flirting with each other. I am really attracted to him and I know he is a really nice guy and a gentleman. Don't get me wrong, he isn't shy or anything, he is really outgoing and not a jerk, like all the others I have been with. I think I am attractive, he is single and he gives me complements sometimes, saying how nice I look etc We partied together one time but nothing happened, even though we were drunk and usually a drunk guy makes a move on me but he didn't. The last time we hung out, we were saying goodnight and he gave me a hug like he always does but this time it was different. We held each other longer and then looked into each others eyes. I really wanted to lean in and kiss him but I was too nervous. Instead he took my hand in his, smiled and said goodnight. I am so mad at myself for not kissing him but I am used to the guy making the first move, I've never done it before. I'm just thinking why didn't he kiss me? Was he nervous too or did I just misread this whole thing and he doesn't even like me?
Why didn't he kiss me?
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