Why did he make a plan to hang out and not follow through? Or was I supposed to confirm the plans?

This guy and I made plans to hang out today (sunday) and watch some movies, hangout etc etc and he seemed super excited. But now I haven't heard from him since we talked about it wednesday. We said Sunday but didn't set an actual time. Is he just blowing me off? Should I have confirmed since he was coming to my place?

We've made tentative plans before (but because of his travel schedule, he set them like three weeks out) and when I texted to confirm the day before he then called me to say he'd forgot and double booked himself. That's why I didn't confirm this time, I don't want to seem super pushy or eager to see him every time he sets plans.


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  • If he is coming to your place you should have told him what time you are available to have him over. He wont' come if he doesn't know when you are free and where I am in Canada it is only 12:00 so some people could be at church or sleeping during this time.

  • Don't worry if you'll come off eager. If he went out of his way to make plans and hang out to day then make him stick to what he said, but addressing the situation. You should confirm with him your plans that you guys made for today.

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