We feel the same about each other, is it love?

I never really had crushes, I just wanted to impress certain boys, but there's one imperticuler who I have big feeling s for and we admitted it to each other, anyway, he said he has had dirty dreams about me and I fantasise about a future with him. I don't find him attractive but the way he flirts with me and talks to me is amazing! His personality is so unique and he says the same thing about me. Currently he's on holidays and the time zones are four hours apart, so we will find each other at like 5am restless waiting for each other just to talk.

We talked a bit more and he said he wants to share his first kiss with me, which I thought was cute, I'm really in to the guy and he's such a big part of my life now - my celebrity crushes are nothing compared to him. We think about each other day and night and what I'm writing appears sappy but this boy doesn't fall for girls easily and we are waiting a few more years before dating.

Do you think we are in love? I've taken like 59 tests and they say we are, we are so alike and I've never felt so strongly about someone else apart from my gorgeous self haha.

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  • 59 tests? ARE YOU OBSESSED? I'd feel guilty if I took 1 test or half a test and you took 59? Also this guy is a jerk - he is trying to have sex with you when he doesn't want to date you. He is trash. Throw him the garbage can where he belongs.

    • This guy isn't like that, he said he doesn't believe in sexy before marriage and he's bringing out the best in me