What's up with this girl? Will she come back?

Dated this girl for about 3 months. Met her a couple of times. And ended up sleeping with her on the second meeting. It was my first time. Had an argument with her a month ago and we fell out. After that she started acting a bit ignorant. It was my fault because I started to sound a bit too possessive about her. Anyway, she spoke to me properly after a week on the phone and told me she doesn't want to date me anymore. She also cried that day. After that I became a bit clingy. Sent her emotional messages telling her how I miss talking to her etc. And I also told her I have strong feelings for her but she didn't really seem to care. I tried to talk to her for a couple of weeks but after that I stopped and decided to use the 'no contact rule' card. Stopped contacting her on sunday. On Thursday I got her message in the evening saying "I want to talk to you. I understand if you dont want to". Then another one at 2 at night saying "Sorry for bothering. I just want to talk to you". I was awake so I replied. Then she started telling me about her problems she was having at her uni, with her friends etc. In the end she said she felt better after talking to me. The next two days she talked to me like she used to but after that she became cold again and stopped talking. Then that night I sent her a message asking her to stop playing these games and using me as her emotional crutch. And after that... I got blocked! No message from her yet.

According to her, I'm different from all the guys she dated in the past, she can talk to me about anything, I've made her realise she needs to dress better (cover legs, arms), appreciate small things more. She also said she'd never leave me or block no matter what happens but she still did...

Should I wait for her to contact me again? Or do you think she'll contact me again after she's calmed down? Please dont say something like "move on, forget about her". I dont want to give up on her. Thanks! :)


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  • You better start getting used to her sudden disappearances and reappearances. It seems to be her personality, coz she does feel comfortable with u. If u really love, u need to stop reacting emotionally if becomes cold sometimes. Some women are more moody than others. So, understand that its her weakness, she's not purposely hurting u. Be her support, she has even said so herself.

    • I told her I'll be there for her whenever she needs me and I'll do anything to put a smile on her face. But she has blocked me. She isn't talking to me and I can't talk to her either. Will she come back again?

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    • She is very sensitive indeed. But the thing is she's had sex before aswell. We were not in a relationship yet. Just dating. Our intimation wasn't intentional, it just happened. Is 2 weeks a long enough time to wait and see if she contacts again?

    • Time does not really matter if there is trust. The worst that will happen is that she won't come back. If you prepare for the worst, your confidence will increase. There is no time limit for when people come back into relationships. Even exes get back together after months/years of separation. In your case, I don't think it'll be that long.

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