How do you get over someone when you have no way to get a "clean break"?

Dont tell me to talk to him or anything because that CAN'T happen.

I just need to know how to let go when you don't have the chance to have a clean break it's been 2 years and I still think about him.


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  • With an 'EX' that still Marks his Spot in your own heart with an X, the best thing to do when feeling blue and want to 'Have a clean break' is, Begin your Beguine by starting to Mingle and be more Socialable. Call a few friends and go out. Staying in moping And maybe Hoping will never let you find a closure Nor close the chapter to this No Tell tale.
    And if there is Still Any Contact of course this doesn't help move on and start over. This will only prolong the inevitable And has probably even put some sweet proof in your own pudding That----If you both haven't reunited, Not even Ignited any spark again by now, then it is a Sure Helpful Hint that there is nothing cooking on the stove top, you both are probably putting yourselves on a back burner for good.
    You need to do some serious soul searching. Time to put the Past And this Ex behind you, taking your mind off of him by Replacing Him with More Positive thoughts And giving yourself a Real Reality check of where you stand with him.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks a lot! Yeah it's definitely not going anywhere with us after this many years... any suggestions on how to do some soul searching?

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    • You're so welcome, believe me, I understand more than you know... xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, glad to be here for you and hope with love and God's blessings you see sunny skies again... xxoo

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  • You will have to open your heart to other individuals. Allow yourself for someone new to walk into your life and fill that void that was left behind. Enjoy everyday and focus on yourself. It's you who has the power to change yourself! You have the power to make it clean and start anew and leave the attachment to him behind. Ps. Hearts never break even but its up to you to pick up the pieces and build something stronger!

    • I've been trying and have actually met another guy, it seems like i forgot about that old love for a while and think I am completely over him... but his face just pops up randomly in my head and it just starts all over again.

    • You probably had some very intimate, deep, and spiritual moments with this man, and that's why you think about him, you are still attached to him. That is fine but you have to accept that fact that its over. and when he does pop in your head, cause he always will just laugh, smile, and enjoy those memories but don't cling to them or make them control your thoughts.

  • I don't think you can other then time or meeting someone new, but even that doesn't always work. When you find a way, let me know as I have the same problem


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  • Well why exactly can't you? Is he a mutual friend?

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