What shall I do? I really like him?

Hi guys n gals
i m a handicapped girl. i m dating a boy from 1 year via social networking we met. thn he asked me to come his place and i vl help u in studies he said. i went there. one day he asked fr a movie and we went and aftr tht he askd me kiss via message i said im confused he said pls dnt say no. thn i thought he's loving me and said yes. within a few days his bday came andon tht day he told he vl marry me. we had sex. within 2 days he said im marrying other gal and its fixed, iwas in shock and cried a lot and told him tht m gng back he jst stopped me. before this i dated a guy with 5 years and at the end he left bcoz im handicapped. this guy knows all about it. i cried a lot and decided to stay with him and he also told he loved me. i was pregnant in between and without saying him i made a crime i took medicines and aborted. i cried him and i toldd him later. aftr tht he went to his mothers home place and messaged me leave me please. even i stopped talking and i dnt want to come home at that time. i stayed in a house with some of my new friends. 1 day he called me he took me to psychiatrist. i was so angry and i shouted on him on road for this. he didn't say anything. he really dont want to marry me till may. in may suddenly he told that i will talk to my parents about you. his family and my family met in his place. his parents and family didn't accept becoz im handicapped. but he said at that time he vl convince. after that we both went to one place and doing job there. there he started kkep on saying he vl convince. but i never heard tht he's talking wth his family about me. we used to have fights. my brother came and asked him do you really like her or not he said yes and he wants time. even all of my friends asked his answer was same. he went frm there after my brother asked and told me tht i vl come with good news. after that i called him he said i wnt come (some reasons) he said u also go to ur moms place. still he's saying same. what shld i do?

please help me guys...


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  • I'd like to help you but I am utterly confused about what's going on. Let me see if I got it: So your boyfriend said he was going to marry you, but then he said he was going to marry another girl? And now he's saying he's going to marry you but he needs time and his family doesn't accept you because you are handicapped?

    • Exactly...

    • This is kind of an awful situation to be in :( Your boyfriend seems very confused... I don't understand this whole thing about marrying another girl... is it because his family wanted him too? Here's the thing though. You have to make sure you two truly love each other because if you don't, honestly, throwing yourself into this situation is not worth it. If his family doesn't accept you and he's not willing to fight for you or put them in their place or ignore their complaints this isn't going to work out.