Texting: Any Advice?

Two days ago (Friday), I went on a second date with this guy. It went very well and he told me how much of a good time he had. We kissed before we left, told me to let him know when I got home (I did) and the next day (yesterday), he texted me about last night and how he woke up all sore (we went ice skating). I was super surprised and taken aback he texted one day after! The last text he sent last night said the he was at a friend's party and he wouldn't be able to text much and that he'd talk to me later.

Today, I'm debating whether or not to send a text asking about the party or if I should wait for him to text. I'm in this predicament because I learned my lesson about being clingy, yet I want him to know that I'm interested in him. The last thing I want to do is scare him away/become clingy. What do you think? Thanks!

Thanks for all your answers :) It turns out he texted me first! we began talking for a few hrs up until now; he has to get some reading done for uni tomorrow. We talked about the party he went to last night and about last Friday.


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  • Or you could do something called "CALLING" him. It may be a foreign concept to you but it allows you to hear his voice, and he can hear your voice too. That way you can ask him to come to the party!

    • yeah I know calling is a GAZILLION times better but I always leave it up to the guy to decide on that in order to not seem too forward/eager. I wasn't invited to the party last night but just thought to send him a text asking how it went.

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    • in the long run (when I know there's something there), I'll either bring up the question about calling vs/ texting just to get his opinion, or I'll just call him once I'm sure it's cool.

    • It's already cool. So just call him! He won't mind.

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  • Yea, i agree you guys are already close, kissing has already happened just text first.

    • thanks! now I'm sure to text him first once in a while :D

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  • You won't come across as too clingy if you match his intensity. Let him set the pace. So text him about as often as he texts you.

    • Ok thanks for the insight, that's what I was thinking about doing (matching his actions) in order to gauge his interest. So I think I'll send a text later today and I'll post an update!

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