How do I get my boyfriend back after he broke up with me?

My boyfriend of over a year just broke up with me, and it was really random. He texted me one night and said that he needed a litle break to just think about things...he said that he wanted to miss me and realize how much he loves me. So, I gave him some time... a week later he texted me again saying that he just doesn't think its going to work out, that its not me, its him. He said that he just can't see me as a girlfriend anymore...which is completely bull crap. His friends say he still has feelings for me, but he recently asked a randomy girl he doesn't know out on a date. I know for a fact that we can work things out and we could be happy again, but he won't give me another chance. How do I make him realize that things could work between us and that he shouldnt let me go. I gave him everything I had, I mean everything. (cough cough). So how do I make him realize that I'm the one he should be with?

okay I left some things out...his parents recently have been fighting and his parents have been cheating on each other and his mother may be moving there a chance this is a reason we broke up? I really need help. I'm still in love with him...


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  • probably should just move on but if ur determined. remember people want what they can't have! Getting him bk might take some time. Give him his space for now, then after possibly a few weeks and call him to reestablish a friendship. Say something like I want us to be friends, just friends. Invite him to go get coffee or something if he says no just say alright and let him go again for now then make the next attempt after a few more weeks by inviting him to do something with a group of friends that are both of ur friends and just work on the friendship. after you successfully get 5 friend dates on the 5th one pull the you have an eyelash trick and brush the invisible little sucker off his face. you should be able to tell from the reaction of ur touch if he still has feelings for u. if he does this is the time to start flirting and make ur self look interested DO NOT ask him out on a date. you may work it all you want but you make him ask you out. meanwhile try casual dating where you go to dinner with a guy but don't start actually dating any one. this will make him jealous and get you one foot out the door so u'll be prepared either way. If he asks you out great if not You have already re entered the dating life.


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  • he’s a douche bag, this basically happened to me, he wanted a break and broke up with me I was so upset I cried for so long.

    I wanted him back so badly it hurt to even think about him, everything reminded me about him, it was nuts.

    I gave up on him and stopped caring about him and everything that reminded me. and he came back to me, when I didn’t even care about him anymore, he realized what he had and that he lost it. were now going back out and its the best we have never been stronger.

    all I can say it, what goes around comes around. and no joke its so true.

    just move on with your like and eventually he'll come to his senses, even if it might take sometime.

    you're not worth his bullsh*t.

  • There is more than he is letting on, but why would you want to get back together with a guy who told you over text message he needed a break, dated another girl during that week, than decided, again over text, to end it?

    You can't make him realize anything, but I think you need to realize your own self worth. Move on.

    • I know I should just move on...but its not that easy for me. I lost my virginity to this guy..and when we were together he was like my best friend. I know the way he went about ending things wasn't the right thing to go about it..but I dk. I just feel like we could make things work..i just I need to find out how to make him realize it I guess. its just not easy to let the one go who you gave it to and its just not easy

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