Do you think women of all races/ethnic groups (with the exception of Black women) are more likely than men of all races to have?

interracial love relationships?

I hear more women in general than men, who are more likely to date outside of their race.


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  • everyone (except black women) how rude lol

    im gonna answer anyway : it doesn't make sense to say more women date men outside their race than men do women. if a woman is dating outside of her race, then the man is also dating a woman outside of his race. so it would have to be equal

    • Well, I'm not saying this to attack black women (nothing against them if that's what you're thinking, lol) but I've read a few online dating studies stating that Black women are the least likely to date outside of their race than women of any other races.

    • I'm a black women (im african) and I only date outside my race. But I have black female friends who don’t date outside.

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  • That makes no sense... If a woman of one ethnicity dates a man of another ethnicity then it the same amount of women to men that are willing to date outside of their race... No?

    So where does one tend to do so more than another?

    I think the question is which race tends to date outside their ethnic class more...

    • dat feel when someone posts the most logical response ever.

  • Why exception of black women?
    Also, I don't know.

  • I don't know it seems like all are able to.

  • lol, black women date outside their race all the time, who you foolin?

    • This is nothing personal against black women nor do I have anything against them, lol. In fact, as an individual male, I certainly wouldn't mind having a relationship with a black woman but here's where I got the idea that black women are the least likely.

    • OH GOOOOOD I've seen that so many times lol

  • With the exception of black women? No. They are the same way. You just pulled that put of your anus


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