Friends with benefits with my ex…Should we get back together?

My ex and I of two years broke up (for the third or fourth time...) about two months ago. During the first month I brought up the idea of "no strings attached sex" and we've been doing that ever since. We talk every day and visit each other often (we're long distance when at school.)

The only ground rule we have here is that if we're interested in someone else, we calmly break it off with each other. I've been going out and meeting new people, but he hasn't. So a couple of days ago he says he needs more security from me and this thing we've got going on. It basically means he wants to be with me again, I'm thinking.

I'm questioning if its a good idea to get back together with him. We act exactly the same as we did when we were dating, just without the title and the fact that I'm going out and meeting new people. Lately my feelings have grown stronger for him, and the idea of him with someone else is awful. What do you think? Should I let it go and find someone new?


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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's. It causes nothing but drama and confusion. As you can see from this post, you are already unsure.

    • ^completely agree with what he says. been there, it never ends well, you MAKE it a messy break up by trying it over and over again.

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  • There's only so many times you can break up, and it sounds like you're past that point. It's time to move on and meet new people, and let him do the same. From what you're describing, this is the same situation I was in 2 years ago. It'll be rough for both of you, more so him.

    END IT.

    "You cannot start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the previous one."

  • Find someone new. The situation is too weird.


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