Does she want to continue this further?

I met this woman who is 43 , has no kids, and is single through an online dating website two weeks ago. For one week we corresponded through messages on the online dating website. They were fantastic messages! Then she sent me a message with her phone number. We talked for an hour almost every night. I was mostly asking questions about her. We finally met at a nice restaurant this Friday and the initial ten minutes were electric. We waited to be seated. I bought her. She took a selfie with me. She was moving her hair and her eyes were engaged with mine. Then we sat down at a table across from each other and I told her that I could not hear her so I moved next to her. She was taken aback by my action I could see it but several minutes later she offered me her food to eat and we had a good conversation while she tried to control some allergy that was in her eye. During the date she informed me that she would be out of town this upcoming weekend but would be free two weeks from now. I told her that we could go to a local college football game. She said ok. After dinner, we drove to my car where I gave her a watch, a cupcake, and a card for her birthday which was last saturday. She texted me when she got home with the following quote. "You are a sweetheart. Thank you very much for dinner and the gifts." I tried calling her and texting her this Sunday and she texted she was at a wine festival. Does this woman want to continue seeing me? I am 42 single, not married, and have a job.


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  • Well if she was at the wine festival, try CALLING her again when the festival is over and see.