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Hipotetically: Lets say you must marry someone in 3 years. What would you do?

  • Date many people (simultaneously) or even have short term relationships & marry the one that you think is best for you at the end of those 3 years
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  • Invest greatly, to mold and really get to know him/her and then get marry when time is up?
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  • Those two options can go hand In had. People date until they find the one, then invest time into that one and marry them.
    Theirs a lot more variables to consider, such as if a person has been hurt and is scared to commit, would just date a person simultaneously. Or a man who gave up his love in hopes of finding someone better only to realize their was nobody better. He would probably pick option one. It solely depends on the person. Since this generation doesn't value friendship and commitment as our ancestors did, the first option is what people mostl likely do, but they really all secretly desire the second option.


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  • It's disgusting that most guys would choose the first.

  • Neither I don't want to marry. I honestly don't desire to date anymore either.

    Nope. I'm not asexual. Or any other kind of sexual for that matter.

    I'm normal.

  • This is an interesting question


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