Hey guys. Is he hinting at something?

This guy I've been talking to is, to me anyways, seemingly getting more and more interested in me. We text each other every day, in the morning and and at night.
The other day he asked me if I've ever been in love with him. I said I liked him. And that I liked him a lot. His response was "Oh, well it's hard to love someone when they like you a lot."
My friends have told me he's saying he's in love with me. He won't tell me what he meant by it.
What is he hinting at?


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  • Okay, just cut out most of this rubbish and get to the basics. 1) Is he attractive? If YES, move on to number 2) Do I want a fling with him? If NO, move onto number 3) Is he relationship material, if YES give him signals that you want to ESCALATE matters. He'd be hard pressed to refuse the escalation, and YES, he will become in love with you. JOB DONE.

    • That doesn't even answer my question..

    • OK fine, is it hard to love someone when they LIKE you a lot. Answer is NO because liking and loving someone are different things, and one does not necessarily influence the other to the level that it makes it "hard" to do.

    • That doesn't, either.
      No my question was is he hinting at something?

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