Was I right to give up on this girl or should I have worked through things?

This girl flirted with me all last year in college and I liked her manned up told her i liked her then gave her my number. Bad move cause girls don't text the guy first but I was shy. She didn't text me over the summer cause she told me she would text me next semester. She creeped on me and found out we live together in the dorm and blew my phone up with questions and said she wants to see my room and bmthen brought a basketball from home sink can teach her to play cause she knew I played in HS. Well whatever I didn't know she had class all day Tuesday and Thursday and worked every other day managing a store and I wouldn't ever see her. I asked her to hang out twice but she wasn't Free due to class. I haven't talked to her in 3 weeks cause I know she won't have time for me even though she said she likes me.



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  • TRUE she would MAKE TIME we always do for the one we like or love!

    • Well I mean she is the one who decided to ck tact me and brought up the idea to meet up and she said she wants to see my apartment. She's busy for real and I know she doesn't have time so I still feel bad cause I know how it feels to be in her shoes.

    • Well then make a future date and if u are ok that she is that busy and u are still interested then it should work out --- and maybe u can help with her studies... It IS hard to have a serious boyfriend AND take care of studying and classes etc - i was pretty happy i had no real major relationship in college because it takes away from schooling... WHICH is VERY important... SO if u can work it out and get to date i good... JUST know she is NOT the busiest person in the WORLD and she can find time for YOU!!! Good luck... Invite her over then so she can see your apartment she MIGHT spend a lot of time there and can study there also!!!

    • I will the last time I texted her she said she had class until 9 and I didn't believe her but my friend was in the same class so she's not lieng. My approach Is any rare free time i have I text her and see if she is free and I'd not I go from there and hang out with some other friends.

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  • Sounds like you were right to give up. Nothing to work thru. If she wanted to see you she wouldn't make excuses and would make the time no matter how busy.

    • I just feel bad cause it was her that said she wanted to see me and even went out of her way to contact me. Like I know her schedule and her classes are at those times and she does work. The only time she is free is on Sunday and we couldn't hang out cause I got drunk last night and had to do a project all day.

    • I don't expect her to skip class and work is work just to see me. I work 20 hours a week with school and I am too busy to to text people so I hope that she understands.

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  • You did the right thing to give up on her don't worry

    • I just feel bad cause she wasn't lying she didn't have time I barely had time and my schedule is easy compared others. I wouldn't even bother to text back if I was in her situation.

    • She was too busy I'm very sure there are other girls out there who will respect you and have time to see you. But if you can't let go why don't you tell her how you feel or what your feelings are? I hope I helped you