Is he jealous/protective?

I’ve been seeing this guy for the past months, it’s unofficial, as I don’t think either of us really knows exactly what he/she wants from a ‘relationship’ at the moment. There hasn’t been much going on physically except for the random kiss or hand holding or playful back massage; very basic, ‘junior high’ type things.
Last time we hung out he was different, he made comments about my outfit, that I should cover up more, that he’s “just looking out for me” since I’m “talking to all these different guys.”
As a I rule don’t comment on his life, and what he’s doing when we aren’t hanging out, because I feel like it’s none of my business. Why does he feel the need to comment on how many guys I’m talking to, or ask who I’m hanging out with, and what me and the person are doing?


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  • Because he really likes you and feels you are his. He is getting protective because he doesn't want to risk losing you. My boyfriend was like this too. I started out just seeing him and it got to the point where he was already getting really protective of me. 3 months later we actually started dating and to be honest I am really happy with him. So who know! :) but I wouldn't look at it as a bad thing!


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  • he is possessive of you.


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