My friend is extremely flirty or cheap? Urgent?

I really like my male friend but I don't understand him. Sometimes he flirty and other time he is decent.
He is a tv actor for 7 years. its only this year he got fame & recognition.
He is pretty good looking and charming so girls fall for him very easily.

He loves female attention. Since girls are drooling over him for his looks, he loves it.
I have noticed that whenever he takes pictures with his female fans or women who like him, he will keep his arm around her shoulder or waist.

Though he has worked with many beautiful actresses, he never got involved romantically.
He has female friends but no girlfriend. But he loves attention of crazy teenage girls.

Recently he was invited to Bali with the cast of his show, and all the crazy female anchors of the show went crazy for him, hugging/kissing him on stage and he was immensely enjoying it.
He even danced with them, taking all the spotlight and attention to himself. They asked him out publicly to which he refused, yet he was dancing with them and hanging near them.

He was surrounded by ladies all the time which he seemed to enjoy a lot.
He was even dancing backstage with the Indonesian girls.
He was the only man in the group who was mingling so much with women. He would get caught between 3-4 women every time there.

Another guy was being smothered by female attention but he did not look so happy or comfortable. In fact he did look uncomfortable sometimes. However, my friend did not look uncomfortable.

He was giving flying kisses and even meeting the fan girls individually. And singing romantic songs for the fans, even falling down on his knees and extending his arms towards them.
He was showing off a lot. His dancing, singing skills, everything.

On one side he does not speak to his co actresses and remains decent with his female friends, and on the other side he acts so flirty with his fans and the Indonesian hosts. What is this?

He is 30


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  • He has to have a balance and a professional side. He can't be flirty with the people he see's on a constant basis. He can act in whatever way he wants to the random girls and fans because there is a slim chance he will see them again.


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  • I think he just enjoys the attention. You said he doesn't have any girlfriends, does he hook up at all? I ask because if he doesn't he might be gay & acting like he likes girls because he isn't out of the closet yet. Who is your friend, what actor is he?

    • He did have a girlfriend some years back but it broke off. He is actually very career oriented, extremely ambitious and workaholic type and he claims he does not want someone from the entertainment industry

    • And he likes to see pictures of girls. He follows lots of things related to women on instagram.

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