How do I get over my fear and ask this girl out?

Someone please help. I have been talking to this girl for a few weeks now and I've grown to like her. we can talk forever about a lot of things. Just the other night we texted each other non stop until 3 in the morning. When I see her she has this almost expectant look, but I don't know how to ask her out or let her know that there is romantic interest.

Any tips. I know I just need to "go for it" but what should I say or do

Yeah- I asked her out and she said "no". At least I know where I stand


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  • There's no such thing as getting over your fear, there's no shortcut that you will find on the internet. You are going to just come to realization that you will either have balls and get laid... Or you don't.

    • I think I have the balls. I just need to choose the right words. Do yo have any advice $ to what to actually say

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    • Aight lol. So when my dick is out do I slap her actoss the face or hit her on her head?

      Thanks :D

    • No, you make sure she touches it.

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  • The phrasing is not as much important as the fact that you need to simply take a breather and think what you got to lose? She clearly likes you. My beauty sleep is precious to me if I'm wasting it on anyone I clearly value the person. So just do it. I know its cliche but just get her in her own hint at an activity she likes, and just casula be like we should do that together.

    • Hahaha, my sleep is important to me too. Thanks a million. I didn't get to bump into her today but will soon

    • Best of luck brave soul ­čść

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  • OK so let me ask this first. You say you text her, but do you actually SPEAK to her too when you see her?

    • Yes. Everyday. We live in a big dorm and share kitchen space. She lives next door to me actually. We usually talk for an hour as we always conveniently bump inotmeach other at supper time and end up talking and teasing

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    • Last night after talking to her till 3 am the previous day. I wasn't around to bump into her. I came back a bit later. I think she heard me come back then figured out I'd be in the kitchen so she "conveniently' came to the kitchen to get some water. There was an air of expectancy (I think she wanted me to ask her out :( ) anyway as I was heading back to my room she sounded tired (disappointed). Its only when I got in my room that I realized what had just happened

    • Thanks. Tonight is the night!

  • It's starting to get colder out, the leaves are changing, ask her to join you on a walk through some nature trails, or ask her to join you at a pumpkin patch or apple Orchard. Cheesy things work wonders! Any complaints of being cold and wrap an arm around her shoulder, once embraced, ask her to dinner

    • I'm in the southern hemisphere so it is actually getting hotter this side lol. But a walk is a good suggestion

    • I said to myself like 10 times "I bet this guy is on the other side of the world and you're suggestion won't work for him." haha, glad I could attempt to help though!

  • If you have been talking to her for weeks but haven't made the move yet, she has most likely put you in the friendzone already. Make a move now, but also be prepared to hear the words "Sorry I only consider you as a friend" as a worst case scenario. Good luck! :)

    • How should I ask her. I asked her for Ice cream two weeks ago. Someone saw us together and asked if we were an Item. We both said nothing and blushed. It felt half date like half friend like

      Should I ask her out again or should I tell her how I feel

    • Ask het out first, and then confess your feelings while you're on that date!

    • Okay thanks :D

  • Rehearse what your gonna say... Lead on that you like her. Be ready to accept the terrible word NO but remember you can still be friends. If it doesn't work out

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