I am not sure what to do. I still think about the girl I loved?

Recently she talked to one of my friends and asked how I was doing and that she really wanted it to work out. And knowing she still thinks about me is messing with my head because I don't know what to do. every girl I get with or have something with is nice and fun but it will never make feel the way she did like I was high on life and the things she did made her so attractive and beautiful. And I never got to tell her how much I really really liked her. And I just want her to somehow know that and know that I'm sorry.


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  • Loved or still do?

    • Still Do.

    • Talk to her in person. Don't rush things and don't start the confession conversation straight away. First see how she reacts when she sees you. Saying everything as it is can scare, as the person may not be ready for it (even when the person is interested or likes you.
      You know people can meet for the first time, start dating in the same day, and then get married in a week. What I'm saying is that your feelings should not be the first thing to talk about.
      Personally I'd ask her friend about her (some personal stuff.. e. g. if she has a bf), so she gets a hint that you like her. If she is still friendly to you after this, then go on. If you can be patient, then give her some hints first and see how she reacts.

    • Thanks for the advice! I would really like to talk to her but about a year ago when it happened she deleted me from FB and probably her phone so i'm not sure how to go about talking to her.

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