What do I do about this guy? Help me!!!?

I really really like this guy, and he likes me. We can't date though. My mom knows I like him, and his mom doesn't like me cuz, u no, im friends with her son. Her last son btw. He's the last child so of course she's really overprotective. And i can't blame her. Anyway, i can't date till I'm 16, and he can't date till ever, so you see the problem. We're both 15. We don't go to the same school, but I c him twice a week at bible study and the Sunday services at our church. We take care of two-year olds for the next service. Anyway, there is so much sexual tension between us that you could scoop it out of the air, put it in jars, and sell it. And don't even suggest it. I'm not going to go behind my parent's back.


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  • Stay in touch and maybe his parents will understand that there son is growing up and they need let up off him


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  • Thats too bad. His mom is being away over protective. I also suspect that are super religious and view any sexual act as shameful and damaging which is a messed up perspective. Sex is perfectly natural. If you choose to do it though is safe, always. Try talking to your parents and see if he will talk to his. Tell them you know they care about you and thank them for it, also tell them they need to trust you and give you some space to live your own life.

    If you really won’t go behind your parents back wait until you are 16 and see if he will be date you anyway.


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