Why have I never had a boyfriend?

I'm about to be 19, I'm kind of quiet as in i don't approach people but I'm VERY friendly when approached and can get along with anyone.

i don't think i'm ugly, i always get random compliments from strangers on my face and everything, and when guys get to know me they say things like "you're so chill", "you're perfect" "you're a goddess" call me gorgeous, hot, etc... but they don't have actual romantic feelings. so i know guys like my personalities AND looks but why hasn't anyone ever asked me out?


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  • Because you're only 19 and you still have a whole life ahead of you! Do you have someone of interest? Maybe you need to make the first move. Guys can be shy about asking someone out too


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  • You shouldn't feel bad if you haven't had any major relationship stuff yet, you are still 19. If you want to date then flirt. Your first forays into the dating world will be clumsy and awkward and the only thing you can really do is push through it. Guys (and I'm just assuming your into guys here), just like girls are not actually that terrifying. A decent guy will be totally fine with your awkwardness and might even like it. You could even ask a guy out. Get a guys number, find an event you think could be fun, and call him and ask him, you might even try holding his hands, or even kissing him when the date is over. Most importantly though meet new guys. Go to any event or thing that might have dudes there and talk to them. Cute guys, confident guys, shy guys, guys that could bore the pants onto you... If your in college talk to them in your classes, if your religious talk to them at your church service, if your sporty meet them at games. Most importantly have fun with it, push your boundaries, and if you fail get back up and keep trying. (oh and get some pepper spray.)

  • You need to get out there and meet more guys.

    If you are chill, and good-looking, then you're that unicorn they're talking about.

    Those guys who've gotten to know you, have you asked them why they haven't asked you out?

    • She does not "NEED" to do anything. When she is ready, she will go for it.

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    • what do you mean "get out there"? i think that is my problem, like i said I'm quiet and don't really put myself out there but i'm very open to people once they talk to me. but i'm definitely not attention whoring i genuinely wonder why, and no i've never asked a guy.

    • You don't have to ask out guys. But you must go where there are single men, and make yourself available to be asked out. You should try non-verbal (or verbal if you're feeling less shy) indicators that you'd like to talk to... whoever you want to talk to.

      If you're shy, and you have a limited social circle of guys who aren't dating you... then that's why you don't have a BF.

      Meet more guys, and you're more likely to get a BF (since that appears to be your goal).

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