He made me confess that I likes him. But he told me he likes someone else. But she doesn't like him back. But still rejected me. What to do?

I thought that he might be into me, that's why I confessed after he asked me. I'm kinda excepted the fact. But I still don't understand. I know this is rude to say but. This girl he likes has no bobs, no but. She's not ugly. But not beautiful, she's just skinny. But she is still really popular among the guys... I don't get it. I have bobs and a nice butt. " just being honest" everyone tells me I'm pretty. Even my mothers friend said I could be an underwear model! So what have I done wrong ? I do have a cute personality too.. I have what I have read on the web. Both my personality and body. Please help me?


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  • This is a classic 'triangular' scenario. I think the guy you are into is a nice person who is being honest to you so that you won't get hurt further. He can choose not to while you continue to think he might like you back.

    As for what can you do, I am afraid your options are limited. Since he already told you he likes someone else. Afterall, you can't really control who you want to like or not to, right. So I have 2 suggestions, pick up a new skill, and make new friends. I just realized you are under 18, so you are still young and your life ahead is long. Don't let this affect you too much.

    • What kind of skill? Is it something special?

    • I play a little piano and guitar. Most just chords. I sing " people say I'm really good" I just started doing volleyball., and I have started to improve " problem, she is on the team.. Just a higher level" I'm good at sport I catch up fast. I'm good social too. Both guys and girls. I like drawing to. I'm in art club. I'm also a transfer student from Norway. But I speak good. That's what people say.

    • any kind of skill is fine, as long as it interests you :)

  • Nothing really to do. If he doesn't like you, he doesn't like you.
    It's hard, but you just have to move on. Maybe in time his feelings will change, but for now you just have to let it be.

    • Thx. That's what I plan to

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