Should we be with someone who makes us comfortable showing PDA?

I'll be 24 in a couple of months and I've had boyfriends in the past, never fooled around. But now I am single for a while and I've gave dating a shot. So I go on these dates with this guy and he's really hot and I've shown a lot of PDA, which never happened to me before so much (it was always kind of forced, I was shy). I feel really attracted to him and never been like this. But he is emotionally unavailable.
Then I go on dates with other guys, too and they are not as pretty, as easy going and stuff and I don't see myself showing PDA with them.
Isn't this how it is actually supposed to be? That you'd be so into the person that you can't help yourself and feel great? help.
I really f*cking want exactly this with someone. Do I actually need a very good looking and not shy with PDA guy or what the f*ck?


help :D


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  • I usually don't feel myself wanting to be all over them in the very beginning. In a primal way, sure, but not really in a PDA kind of way. That, for me, comes later when I feel an emotional AND physical connection with them, chemistry, sparks, etc. Whatever you want to call it.

    If that's what you want, by all means, keep looking for it and don't make yourself settle.
    But I'd also keep in mind that sometimes those feelings don't happen IMMEDIATELY, but that they can develop after you've gotten to know each other better.
    So by dismissing someone early, you may be taking a gamble... meaning, you could miss out on something great that you'd have if you'd just waited a little for a bond to grow a bit.
    I don't mean forever, but at least a few dates, in my case.

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