Wait? Move on? Date some more?

After becoming extremely recluse after a family death.

I have finally managed to get out the house and feel happy...

Getting to the point I really like one girl..
But she wants to take it slow and see if we compatible around
each other. Before hand we were friends with benefits and she wanted more.. I couldnt offer more as my father passed away..

Now I met a second girl who I took on a date , and she seems very awesome but I told everything making sure I dont lead her on..

Question is.. Should I wait for the one I really like..
Or carry on dating different girls and see what is out there.
(in case she turns around and blows me off)

I kinda feel , I have come so far with the first one.. I shouldn't risk messing it up , and let it carry on slowly but surely.


Any input from the ladies? I am leaning more onto dating and seeing what is
out there , than "taking it slow , but not ready to commit"


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  • Who says you can't do both? Keep dating the one girl you like and see what else is out there too.


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  • You should go for the simultaneous dating scenario and at the end pick one the girl you like.

  • Choose a girl who loves you more wisely than the other u love but doesn't love u

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