Please help me out... am in a great mess... what to do?

i have been dating my childhood friend and we were in secret relationship. my mom is having doubt on us and she says not be in any kind of friendship with him.
he says that he want some time to love me and we really got intimated. after intimacy i really got in love with him but he wants some time as he had bad past and his ex left him cz of other guy kinda cheated.
am scared if my parents comes to know about us i dont know how my mom will react and if they won't except us i will be in such be broken pieces and won't see my future with anyone. i love him a lot but am not trying to get what should i do forward.
should i continue with him or should i break up for some good?
please guys and girls help me out. i really need ur suggestive answers.


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  • What do u feel in your heart? If u really love him you'll want to be with him no matter what forget everyone else do what makes you happy...


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  • While I'm not getting into how the language is to be used cause what you write has gone in tangent with what you actually mean, young lady :-)

    Knowing well how things work out this side of the world either you both be pretty sure about each other or might as well give it up before it escalates into something nasty.

    Going ahead you guys sure will need jobs, a roof over your head etc etc and I'm unsure if you guys are students or working class. Unlike in certain countries, you are well aware that even basic necessities don't receive any government support out here :-)

    The way you describe things between you and him, I think you'd best lay it off.

    I realize I don't sound encouraging but this chap's not probably ready for anything forward and you'll get stuck between the frying pan and the fire if you go ahead with this


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  • I know this wasn't an option you provided, but why don't you try taking a break from each other for a few months and then see how everyone feels then?