Can you fall in love with two girls at the same time? is it possible? plzz help?

I love a girl... but at the same time i feel that i am falling for another girl!!! The latter one is a very shy, timid, soft spoken girl!!! & i like to talk to... we sit together.. chat.. etc.. etc!!! but at the same time i feel guilty that i am falling for her when i truly love the former girl who is simply amazing very beautifull, brilliant in her studies, a complete beauty with her brains!!! we have had some argument & later i having a bigger heart apologises first,.. her only flaws are she s' a big arrogant, attention seeker, moody... but still i love her.. i am in a big problem.. i cannot be with two girls.. at the same time!!! please help. how can i say which one is infatuation & who i truly love?


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  • Love doesn't limit itself to the number of people which is why society came up with various regulations and we go by those as 'normal' and 'natural'

    Sure you can very much be genuinely in love with more than one person BUT problem is their acceptance of it ;-)

    • Thank you, young friend for your kind and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :-)

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  • Neither is love it is simply "infatuation" that you feel.


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