Why is it so Important for Girls to show off to Others, even on Facebook?

This is when dating, i've noticed almost all girls like to show their man off to other girls to make them jealous. It gets pretty annoying.

The girl I was with, would post random fickle emotional changes frequently on my Facebook wall (which is a problem because it leaves a bad impression of me in work since my work colleagues have my add too).

She'll get upset and angry if i don't post back or i don't send her messages through her main wall.

I don't care what other people think, but its a big deal to her. She frequently goes through emotional yoyo's and will post her emotions up and down on my wall and get angry if it doesn't warrant the right response.

She hates when i message her personally, she wants everyone to see.

This isn't a one girl thing, i noticed its quite common but why is it so necessary for girls to show off to others, especially now on social media


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  • guys do the same too they wana showoff there new partner to everyone to see what they got.

    • No, guys don't really care.

      Girls are more attracted to guys that are taken than single, whereas guys lose all attraction to girls that have boyfriends.

      Equally when a girl dresses up fashion wise, she isn't even doing it for herself or the guy, she's doing it to compete with other girls. Whereas guys don't give a crap, they might look good to attract girls, often times they don't even care how they look that much.

      Guys don't like their girl showing flesh because guys don't want other guys looking at their girl sexually. Whereas girls like to make other girls jealous by showing their man off

    • well my ex left me for a girl who looks like megan fox, he shows her off every were including facebook, he takes her to his work place and with his firends and posts loads of pictures of her coz he looks good and wants to show her off to his others.

    • so thats my proof that guys do it too... apparantly for me it is.

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  • Maybe she's just proud to have you and this is her way of conveying it to others.

  • I've been told that emotionally I'm like a guy... I see no need to go public with the private, and I think my 'relationship' (whether it be a friendship or something else) is nobody's business. However, I think some girls are so desperate to have a "boyfriend," that when they find a significant other, they want the whole world to know that they're "with" someone.


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  • Because women are the epitome of pettiness and jealousy. And Facebook is the epitome of people wanting to show off and feel important. So the two go hand in hand.

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