When a girl says you're her favorite?

I was on the phone with this girl I'm really into and we started teasing/messing with each other. After a while she was like, "You know what, (my name) you're my favorite. And she keep saying you're my favorite a couple more times back to back after that.

This may not mean much, maybe she just thinks I'm a good friend, but what do you girls/guys think? Maybe a sign that she likes me?


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  • She ikes you

  • From my own experience I tell people they're my favorite all the time.
    For example I'll tell a friend, "If you hand me the remote control, you'll be my new favorite." and they remain my "favorite" until someone else does something nice for me or does something super cool.

    it's not serious. we all know it'a just joking. I'm not really favoring one person over another. it's just teasing.

    But that might just be me.

    • But it was just so random, she just started saying it. I didn't do anything special, we were just talking

    • Again, going off my own possible reasons for saying things like that maybe you said something that really resignated with her? Depending on the topic. If someone says a view I solidly agree with (especially on hot button topics i. e feminism, equal rights, religion) i might say they are my favorite person.

      but if you're just talking about what you ate for lunch. i think she'a trying to say she really likes you

    • I understand.

  • Umhhh it obviously shows she has an admiration for you. Personally my bf always calls me his favorite person. So my bet is she likes you, but doesn't know how you feel. So she dropping casual hints.


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  • A girl said that to me, we're now dating and have been for a year and a half so I'd say go with it, she likes you

    • Wow, that's def some motivation. Thanks man

    • Don't be scared to make the first move, it was the best decision I ever made