Guys, what would make you like a girl again?

I had a hookup that wound up liking me (when we were separated over the summer and were only texting for months on end). I told him I normally don't date and he backed off - although, this isn't what I wanted to happen. Now he says he doesn't know if he can manage anything (we've hooked up twice since school started, but not in a while) because he's so busy with school, and he isn't sure he can commit and he isn't good at getting hurt. He gets distant when I bring that stuff up, but he's also really sweet and intimate when we're together. I got mildly clingy and emotional (he didn't see the emotional side). I explained to him that I was disappointed with the outcome, a little bit hurt but not a lot, and that I liked talking to him over the summer and it seemed on good terms. Now I'm trying to give him space. What else should I do?

I was going to wait a few weeks and then try and get in touch. But what else should I do/say? I think I'm willing to hookup/hang out and see where things go. Casually date, maybe. Nothing serious if neither of us can handle that right now.


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  • He has to see you looking FINE!
    Also I'm not suggesting you try to intentionally make home jealous, but if he saw you with another guy you like that would make him want you more. But I wouldn't go out of your way to do that.


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  • The sex i had with her and her lovely female body would attract me back to her.

    • He told me once our first time together was the best he's ever had. Our last two sessions together he came three times...

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