I like my coworker, but does he like me back?

I've always had a thing for our bouncer at the bar I work at. Just recently we started working together and it's only made me like him more, but does he like me back? He notices differences in my makeup and he told me my hair is hot just the other night. We always make faces at each other and we joke around all the time. Sometimes I catch him checking me out. He always teases me when I mess up because I'm clumsy.
Should I ask him out or no?

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  • try actually talking to him if you can. its probably hard because you work at a bar and he is security BUUUT hey that is the perfect opportunity opener to give him your number! you have the excuse, just like be "hayyy so yeah its hard to talk where we work, here's my number;)". something like that hahaa


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