Does he feel the same way about me as feel about him?

I met this guy at an audition last night and I have been doing these musicals at this company for like 10 years and he is new. As I walked in and said hello to old friends I caught him staring at me. Later I sat near him to help out a little and he stared off as a little timid but once we started talking he seemed really outgoing and friendly. After a while I realized I have a crush one him. During the following dance audition I fell and he helped me up (which is when I noticed his adorable smile) and my friend Told me that he was looking at me the whole time I was dancing. We ended up walking our together and he told me he hopes I get a callback and to have a great week. I've been thinking about him ever since. My friend said she thinks he likes me but I just met him so I don't want to rush Into anything but do you think he has a crush on me like I do him?


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  • Looks like a mutual crush but ords "last night" are slightly confusing, no offence)

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