What are some signs when someone wants to keep you in the friend zone?

Signs that someone you like don't want you and only see you as a friend


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  • If it's a guy, it doesn't happen because guys don't put girls in the friendzone.

    If it's a girl, she'll be happy to let you take her out, spend your money on her, get all flirty and cuddly with her, she'll tell all about her problems and how she wishes she could just find a nice boyfriend who's like you, and how you're "such a good friend" for always being there for her. But she'll never date you because you're "like a brother" and it would "be weird and ruin our special friendship". But she'll never give you anything in return. That's the friendzone for guys.

    • Lies, I've been friendzoned by my best friend after I told him I liked him.

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    • @ItzDizzy and I bet you wouldn't kick them out of bed either though.

    • @MothMonsterMan How much are you willing to bet that haha. Honestly if she was my friend I wouldn't want to flipping plough her man, unless I developed feelings for her and told her and if she gave me her consent then boom goes the dynamite.

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