What do I do to get him to ask me out?

so I've come to a stand still. he flirts i flirt but we aren't really getting anywhere anymore. i need a way to give him a kick in the pants to ask me out or something. what should i say or do? we are both 16. he's sort of shy. he always acts like he wants to say something to me but never does. but he always talks to me before and after class but never during. sometimes he walks me my nexts class as well.


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  • Give him undeniable proof that you like him. This will make it easer for him to open up.
    Then just ask him to hang our or go do somthing you both would enjoy doing.
    He sounds a little like me, just get him to comfortable around you so he can open up and


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  • Say to him "so I'm not doing anything this weekend..." and then just stare at him forcing him to answer.


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