I can never tell her how I feel?

There's this girl I talk to literally everyday and every time I say to myself that I'm going to tell her, nothing happens. We talk about any and everything, but I can never bring up how I feel about her. Mainly because I think she won't feel the same. Although the things she's said and he best friend has said tells me otherwise. I'm still not sure though.

My friends tell me to just go for it, i have nothing to lose, but I still can't for some reason. I'm terrible when it comes to girls, I really need some advice.


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  • your not stuck in thr friend zone dont be mistaken youve comfortably placed your self there. everything has a price you wouldn't be nervous if she isn't worth it but does she mean enough to you for you to want to stand by her side? if u really like her you'll be able to overcome the fear of rejection and go after her. at leasts you won't regret anything abd who know maybe she likes you back :)


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  • Aw that's so sweet!! <3 flirt with her and if you don't know how, look it up on wikihow. com

  • So your stuck in the friend zone. But I can totally see where your coming from. I think everyone had been in the friend zone. I agree with your friends. The worst she can say is no and stop talking to you. But the thing is that it seems as though you mean a lot to her so i highly doubt she will cut you out her life. Life is about taking chances and you need to do just that. Hopefully i helped a little , good luck :)

    • This does help a lot thanks.

    • No problem
      Your very welcome
      Let me kno what happens

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