Why does he think that I'm clingy?

I told my friend that I thought a guy in our classes was cute and he told me that I shouldn't get into a relationship because I seem like I would be a clingy girlfriend and that guys don't like that. He has only known me for about a month so I don't really understand why he would say that. I have never had a boyfriend but I don't think I would be clingy if I did have one. Is there any way that I could make people not think this way about me?

I guess I should mention that he isn't jealous because he is gay


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  • fuck him lol seriously. the word clingy has no actual meaning. it just means one person doesn't like the other as much. so w/e that person wants seems liker too much. when you're compatible neither of you will seem clingy or distant or w/e.

    your friend either is jealous and wants you for himself or he's on a power trip and insulting you makes him feel better. maybe he's not feeling great about himself.

    the word clingy is meaningless,. anyone who really has something to say will say hit in more than two syllables., if they won't then they respect you enough for you to be giving them two seconds of your attention.

    seriously. just the fact someone uses the word clingy as / in place of an explanation is a HUFGE red flag, dump anyone who uses it or dont get involved in the first place.

    all we know about what the guy said is hat HE is not bf material.

    respect yourself respect others dont let others define you. and dont listen to bullshit as if its advice.

    • Lol he is gay so he can't be jealous of me xD. But I do agree that it is a stupid word and everyone could be considered clingy if you think about it. I was just curious that maybe that was he reason guys didn't like me so I didn't know if there was something I could change?

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    • lol sorry iPhone typing and i forgot to proof read:) lets try this again ;p

      great. I'm really glad. i didn't want you thinking you have to destroy every friend who says something dumb. no one would have any friends left. just as long as you respect yourself and insist they do the same if they want the friendship its all good:)

      always give people a chance to be the better version of themselves for you before you cut them loose. but ALWAYS cut them loose if they dont make an effort.

      giving them a chance allows you to accept your short comings And strive for betterment

      as well and keeps people mindful of patience acceptance and doing the same for you when you f*ck up. which you will. everyone does. thats being humans.. so is trying harder caring about others and improving ourselves:)

      and setting a limit allows you to respect yourself:)

    • ... which helps you trust yourself

      which helps you to respect yourself

      which helps you take yourself seriously,

      which helps others to trust and respect and take you seriously

      which attracts trustworthy people

      which will get you a higher class (ethically not financially ;p) of friends.

      take care:)

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  • Just ignore it :) When you get a boyfriend people will see for themselves.

  • WHY DO YOU CARE IF PEOPLE THINK YOU'RE CLINGY I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE FASCINATION. Your question should be what makes a person clingy or how i can be less clingy but never how to make think or not think something.

    • But I don't think that I am clingy... I mean I have never had a boyfriend sooo I don't know if I am clingy. I don't understand how someone I have only known for a month could make that kind of assumption about someone who has never even had a relationship to be clingy in

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  • He's making premature, unfounded judgments about you (or maybe he's just jealous, lol)... I wouldn't take him too seriously. If you're concerned, you could always ask him what gave him that impression.

    • can't be jealous, he's gay lol. But thanks :b sometimes I over interpret things. I did ask him and he said I just do. I don't know I'll just ignore it

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    • it wasn't dumb question for YOU to ask.

      . it was a dumb thing for HIM toy say.

      not the same thing. at all. :)

  • Well, we don't know what you do that makes him think you'd be clingy. We don't know you. I guess just don't depend on a guy for happiness and don't text him if he doesn't text you back. I don't know lol

    • Lol I don't know either xD
      I never ask people for things or stop people from doing things. I don't think I would be clingy at all

  • There are several possibilities:
    - he only said it because he's afraid you're going to stop hanging out with him
    - he's jealous because you have a higher chance of your crush liking you back than he has (so he said it to make himself feel a little better)
    - you don't remember but you told him once that you'd love to have a boyfriend who shares all your interests and hobbies so you can do all of them with him

    • I have only known him for a month so we aren't too close. and he is gay so I don't think that is an option. Literally no one at my college other than my high school friends know anything about how I feel about relationships. He had absolutely no reason to say it and it is really bothering me

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    • I just meant in general.. like jealous that you're chance of being with someone is higher than his (because he's gay and only 10% of men are gay or so I thought). This would only apply if he was single though lol

    • Okay I understand now! I just misinterpreted it. Yeah I just feel like he doesn't know me well enough to make a judgement like that

  • you seem to be annoying to him, I guess

    • Did you even read it? Nope. By your answer I can tell all you read was the title and not the description. This is why people under 18 shouldn't be on here

    • lol, I said what I meant, but let me elaborate, maybe in his mind you seem like the annoying type. He was probably just being an asshole but by your response I see why he said that js, don't assume okay?

    • and I'm 17 so have several

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