Is it just sex or is it more?

Dating can be so confusing at times, especially before putting any lables on what you are. So he is the deal, me and this guy have been dating for two months now. We text seldomly during the week, perhaps a phone call every other day... I see him once - twice and usually spend the night. He has mentioned being willing to meet my mother, i have met two of his friends, he said this past weekend he will come to my church, he tells me i am a beautiful person BUT i may be moving away soon so idk, is it just sex? Or is it potentially more?

How can you tell if a guy just wants to have a sexual relationship verses a real genuine one?


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  • Sex guys only call or meet when they want sex, and won't follow up again until the next time they crave sex. They dont surprise or go on romantic dates, simply they won't do all that romeo juliet stuff. It's really hard to tell with the little info I have, but it's hard to believe guys. They can do or say anything just to get laid!!! Lol I'm a guy and I know it. It's natural tho.
    So meeting your mother or calling you beautiful is not really important I can do that too. When he says he might move away tho that's an old trick we all know, he says he might die soon or might move out of town so that you'd feel like you guys don't have much time and jump in bed soon before he is gone. So don't believe him, if he had to leave he wouldn't talk to you. If I knew I was about to leave I wouldn't try to fall in love just to hurt myself and a poor girl. In general if you ask yourself that question my experience says he is using you for sex. You can feel that and that's why your asking this question.

    • I may leave, not him. He wasn't very excited when i finalized paper work for my potential move... He told me he'd visit me or move out west with me if i end up that way but he doesn't want to move to a city as i intend too. &when i say beautiful, he referred to me as a person (like who i am). We go on dates often, he likes to snuggle, he buys outtings tickets for events and tells me about himself on a deeper level...

      Does that give you more insight on us&him?

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    • He is just older than me and i wasn't sure if the age gap contributed to our distance in communication because i am used to talkinh every day but he is more of an every other day to every couple days type guy lol. 27. Mmmm, i fall easy... I am just going to guard my heart.

    • Good call :)

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  • if you guys have never been out on dates... its just sex... and its easy to say willing to meet your mom... but is he gonna really do it... im not trying to give you negative advice or anything.. i had a similar situation where this guy i was talking to ( met through mutual friend) told me hed like to meet my mom was saying if i ever wanted a kid he wouldn't mind having one with me etc.. but we had only been on 2 dates and he never met my mom etc... i met his friends... but yet i found out he has a girlfriend he lives with... but anywho.. i dont want u to wind up falling for these things he's telling you because they are not big things... just because a guy meets your mom doesn't mean he has good intentions... some guys will say just about anything to keep you around... definently if its for your sugar... just be careful i mean i dont fully know and im not around you guys to be able to tell if he's being real or just trying to keep dicking you down but just becareful... words dont mean a lot now and days.. its all about the actions...