I might have to see ex gf and her friends this weekend or run into them I mean?

its Canadian Thanksgiving weekend this weekend and she's been away at school and haven't seen her at all this fall. but she seems to reappear around Thanksgiving at local bars as do a lot of other people her age who've been away at school. last time I saw her at pub things went really bad and worried things could go that way again and to makes thing more awkward her younger and hot sister just turned of age so she is also likely to be at bar now as well.

I'm just not really sure what to say or do if I run into them again this year. I could see things being awkward as we haven't even spoke in months


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  • I would just avoid them altogether if I were you. I can definitely see an ugly situation occurring and if one of them oddly decides to start a convo just play it cool.

    • its such a small town and such a small pub that might be tough this weekend. I'd be surprised if they try and talk to me if they do see me. its weird we got along for a bit during the summer then things went south again. last Thanksgiving we weren't getting along and I ran into older sister at bar and things went bad , she made out with this guy to get back at me and made a big scene when I tried to talk to her. then didn't talk to me again till march

    • Oh wow, yeah that just sounds so unnecessary. It may be a small town or small pub but I don't think it's impossible to avoid them.

    • it all was very unnecessary , she could of just said hi and chatted with me for a couple minutes and I'd have moved on that night instead she made a big issue of things and there has been a couple other odd run ins at bars since this happened as well mostly during summer as I haven't seen her for a few months

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