A guy was really really nice to me one night…….. I'd love to thank him please offer advice.

So two weeks ago I was out with my classmates after a graduate school exam in a bar. I got too drunk wound up kissing a medical student who turned out not to be single. I am so so so ashamed because I don't do that.

The worst part is, he had a really nice friend, who warned me and told me he wasn't single. The friend made my night. He helped me out, he stopped me from going home with his not single friend and he worst part is I don't really remember him!!

Anyways I see this guy everywhere i think!!! on campus. I always sorta smile and try not too make too much eye contact because i am not sure. I am super shy when I am sober.

Now I am 90% sure I know his Facebook it came in mine tonight. I really want to ask him over Facebook if he's the guy from that night. I would say it like I could be wrong but I was just wondering (blah blah blah) and if he says yes, I would thank him, and ask him about campus! its just driving me crazy…. and he's a really good guy. If I am really seeing him places I should be talking to him….. I did kiss his friend, so its not like a serious crush here, I'd be friendly thats it…

I won't friend request him because that's creepy……I mean what's the worst that can happen, he doesn't write back? Its a small thing but I really want to do it is that strange?


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  • "His Facebook came in mine tonight" - naughty girl what's on your mind!!

    • On the who you may know section!! He probably thinks I am nuts I was in the med school library tonight working near him I think, yet I can't talk to him because I am not sure its him ha ha

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    • That is funny you are an interesting breed! I was so excited about the one I met! I was legit sad when I found out he wasn't single! But this friend! lol Anyways what would you do if some girl you bought a drink for, who your taken friend hit one night, who you were super nice too!, added you to Facebook and thanked you? lol

    • We're a hot bunch us medics right? The number of times girls tell me I can do whatever exam I want on them... hehe makes me chuckle

  • Just friend request him, it's not weird


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