I just moved and this is my first time at another school. I am a junior?

I just moved and this is my first time at another school. I am a junior. I have really three questions. One, is it weird to hangout with mostly freshman and sophomores? Also there is this one girl (who is a freshman) that I like but I am a shy guy and I never really had a true relationship. We hangout and talk about stuff during study hall and have one class together. I don't want to move to fast but I don't want to be friend zoned how do I find a medium and when do I know to ask her out? Also it ok to date someone so young?


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  • Aff, these stereotypes. You shouldn't care about that. If you like your company and you don't think they're weird for you, then go ahead :) who cares if other people will think it's weird as long as you like them?
    It's ok to date someone so young if you're both in the same level of maturity. I see no problem in dating someone younger. What about her? Do you think she would date you?
    Well, you need to make for it. Try to get closer to her, get to know her better, hang out and suggest some activities together, for example cinema. After a while (but don't take too long because she 'll get used to your friendship), try to have a different treatment and be much kinder and sweet.
    Be brave, if you want something, then fight for it with no fear :)


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