What do y'all ladies consider out of your league?

I mean average to below average not any better than you are considering their physical and mental traits. So what are they? Some list that you dislike about them and what makes you dont wanna date them.

i mean those who are worse than u not better than you >.>


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  • no league system - as long as can click


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  • Out of my league would be:

    The Rich Guy- I'm not rich and so i know I can't keep up with him financially. Plus I dont like to be spoiled 24/7 and I wouldn't want to come off a gold digger because he always had to buy me the things i couldnt afford. So yea he's way outta my league.

    The Nerd- He's outta my league because I'm smart but not that smart. I'm also really stubborn and would get annoyed with him always trying to prove me wrong.

    The Suit & Tie Guy- I like to see a guy dressed more casually. I mean the suit and tie is okay if needed, but for my guy to be fancy all the time... No thanks. Plus he'd probably always expect to see me in a dress and heels... And well that won't be happenin to often.

    The Church Guy- I praise the Lord and I like going to church. But no, I dont go all the time and I don't know every fact in the bible. He'd probably get mad at me often because I dont appear as spiritual as him.

    The Biker- I'm adventurous but not really a daredevil. He'd probably think I'm not risky enough for him.

    The Athlete- I'm fit, but he'd probably hate that I'm not always eating healthy or working out on a daily basis. I've dated an athlete before. I know they're not all the same, but I'm just saying what would make me out of his league.

    The Confidant- Outta My league as well. He'd hate that I have many shy moments especially when he expects me to show some confidence. But I'm not the type to wine about my insecurities, so I wouldn't annoy him to badly.

    In the end, the Average Joe is who fits me best. To me he's cute, goofy but not a class clown, smart but not a smartass, fit but not always active, adventurous but not as risky, not confident yet not insecure, not rich but not broke, and dressy when needed

  • Out of my league I would say Older Rich men like Hugh Heftner or basically any CELEBRITY or guy that earns a 100Xs more than me

  • Pretty much any male I find ridiculously attractive.

  • I haven't met anyone that's out of my league yet. I think that out of my league would be a guy that's smarter than me and also looks better than I do and is very educated and up to date on social issues.

    I'm extremely intelligent and very attractive so yeah. Even my current boyfriend I'd consider on my level, but not out of my league. Finding guys on my level is difficult enough in itself I don't know what I'd do if I weren't in college because as of now it seems like the only guys that are on my level are those majoring in Engineering, Mathematics, Graphic Design, or Art it seems like when I talk to History majors or even worse Pre-Med (omg they're so freaking stupid surprisingly! like wtf.. I could be a doctor easily if I wanted to if that's all it takes although most of them seem to only be going to school for Pre-Med because that's what their parents want) they are no where near me intellectually.

    Out of my league would be like an 8/10 in the looks department who made a 29 or higher on his ACT (I know the ACT isn't an accurate reflection of intelligence, but I felt it was the most understandable)

  • The popular guy
    The giddy joking guy
    the attractibe ones
    The tall ones (im short)
    The talkative ones (I'm more introverted and shy aha :$)
    Confidant people
    Cute guys
    Lanky tall guys
    Guys who give off that vibe that they are much cooler than you.

    Idk, I just sort of know when I feel it aha /). (\

  • Anyone better then me basically

  • I consider people who are too nice to me.

    • Nice guys finish last </3

    • I'm not a nice person and I haven't had much luck with people being nice to me.

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