We haven't gone "out" yet.. Is that weird?

Is it weird that all 3 dates have been at his place? We have dinner and hang out at his place. Usually no more than a few hours. He has a dog, and works during the week. He says he doesn't like leaving the dog at home during the week if he isn't working, as she is stuck home all day. I understand, but its a little frustrating that we aren't going out either. All of our dates have been during the week.

We've known eachother for a month. he's really great, we have lots of things in common. Both of our schedules usually overlap - when he is free on weekends, Im usually busy with work. So during the week in the evening is the best time for us to hang
Also, I dont mind hanging out at home, I am a little bit of a home body too, but I WOULD like to go out and do things too


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  • well... he might actually be a home body. i had an ex like that, but he was faithful as hell. going out to places doesn't always mean anything. i just recently sorta dated this one guy, and he took me out places, but he was shady and everything about him screamed "player".

    • Thanks. I agree. He works a lot, so I am sure he enjoys hanging out and relaxing at home. he always picks me up, and we have gone to a pizza parlor and a chinese place to get take out, and we also went to rent a movie. So we've been "out" in public, but the majority of the date is at his place.

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  • I wouldn't take this person seriously. There seems to be an attachment issue, perhaps he's ashamed of something or worse lazy. Either way this not someone you should be wasting time on. If he was serious he would take the initiative to set a proper date. Good luck!


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  • Eh, don't know about you, but that'd seem shady as hell to me.

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