Just a little curious?

Is it bad that I'm 24 and still haven't fallen in love yet?


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  • Maybe you're lesbian? I'm not saying that, in a rude manner, but perhaps you're:
    1) Looking in the wrong place
    2) Looking at the wrong time
    3) Possibly lesbian and don't realize it yet.

  • It is not bad at all...
    a lot of teenagers start relationships not because they "love" eachother, their hormones come to play and they see/hear from friends that they got a bf/gf (and are having sex) and they all want to get one as well.

    24 is still young, especially in todays society. Maybe you are just mature for your age and are looking for the real deal and not just someone you can go to when your hormones spike up.

    I think too many (young) people these days confuse lust for being in love and even if they don't. The infatuation at a start of a relationship isn't enough, you can only speak of being in LOVE (actual love) when you've been dating for over a year and the initial flame is over, but you still wouldn't be able to live without the other.


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