What is going on? Are we bf/gf?

So me and this guy been seeing each other for a while. We never have "the talk" and therefore is not official bf/gf. Today, when he introduced me to his friends he was like "This is my girlfriend". WHAT? What are we now I never thought we're bf/gf, we're just seeing each other. What's going on? What now?


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  • He thinks your his gf he likes you do you feel the same way?

    • I do like him, but not sure if I love him.

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    • Yah I'm staying with him :) Thanks btw.

    • Yeah no problem

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  • What do you mean by "the talk" ?

    • The talk where you define your relationship.

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  • Just let him know that when he introduced you as his girlfriend that it surprised you and then ask him if thats what he officially wants. Just be open and let him know whats on your mind :)

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