What does he mean when he says it?

started dating this guy for a month now... we do all the normal things together: eating, going drinks, cinema etc.

he recently started to say that i am special, he introduced me to his mum and part of the family. Says he is smitten and loyal. Started saying he loves me loads. When we were talking about cheating.. he said its horrible, called me princess and said he has to be loyal and will never cheat on me!

good signs?

he also says that he is happy he found his match etc.. his princess as i started calling him prince.. its cute!


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  • He sees a future with you which he do not want to be messed up


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  • He is going to ask you to be his girlfriend soon, no doubts about it

    • he actually did already heh :)

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    • He He also said Am special to hi and his priority is us.. What makes girl special to a guy?

    • A girl is special to a guy when he sees a future with her, what that future is is different to every guy. For me a girl is special when she is gorgious and she can be my best friend, that is my perfect significant other. What makes you special to him? Only he knows.

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