Where is a good place to meet up?

Because of work and college me and my boyfriend have only been able to find time to meet up in the evenings and for the past few months we have been meeting in my local park and just sitting or walking around and chatting. (that's lame i know but we both live in villages and there isn't anything to do in them. Just some parks, fields, shops and pubs)

anyway, as the weather is getting a LOT colder VERY quickly here we have realized that we need a new place to meet. We don't want to sit in a pub three evenings a week because we would both drink and that's a lot of alcohol consumed in a week, every week. We can't go to his place because by the time we've walked from mine to his we would only have an hour before we had to walk back to mine and we can't go to mine because of current circumstances.

What would you all recommend we do? I don't really want to sit in a park with two jumpers on, a scarf, hat, gloves, fluffy socks and boots...

((P. S for people who are going to ask, we are both 18 and legal to drink in pubs))


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  • Try StarBucks

    • we live in villages, there isn't a starbucks

    • Ok how about nice dinner get togethers? You do have restaurants don't you?

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  • Get a room together and meet there. Or go camping and make a fire.

  • Inside vehicles

    Tell him to buy a car and do whatever you want inside car. hahaha

  • Depends on What you intend to do. If its just the usual sitting, walking and chatting, U might find a lot of places. But if u intend to step up ur game and expect privacy, its gonna be a little hard.

    • We'd like to do something a little different. We're both quite happy doing that but it would be nice to -like you said- step up our game. we both want more from the relationship now

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